The #1 Killer is Heart Disease!

You Can Now 
Regress Hardened Artery Plaque Without
Dangerous Drugs!
In the United States, someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds...2160 people per day!

If you’re someone who has calcification in the arteries, it means you are at higher risk for having a heart attack.

Nanobacteria is 100 times smaller than normal bacteria

The NanobacTX Story...

20+ Years in the making......Stopping the WidowMaker

We introduce you to Dr. Gary Mezo, and how this man has changed the lives of thousands of people over the last few decades.
Gary’s medical journey started when he was young and visiting his Grandfather in the hospital. He was about six years old at the time, during his visit his Grandfather had a fatal heart attack and died, right in front of him.

His Grandfather was only 55 years old. As you might imagine, this had a tremendous impact on Gary’s life. Years later, Gary sent his Father for his first bypass surgery. Although he had scrubbed in on many bypass surgery cases, he said it was very strange seeing his Dad's chest open for the bypass surgery. A couple of years later he sent his Father for a second bypass surgery. A couple of years later his Father was told that he needed to have a third bypass procedure and He refused saying "It hurts too bad, I don't care if I die! I am not having another bypass surgery." Well about a year later his Father had a heart attack and died in the middle of a sentence....face down at the dinner table. His Father was only 60 when he died.

Knowing his strong family history of heart disease put him at high risk himself, he didn't think that he would live past 55-60. He thought of sleep as a waste of precious time and therefore He "burned the candles at both ends" as the old saying goes, trying to squeeze as much "life" as he could into whatever time he had. Although he practiced Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, he (as expected) he became obsessive about researching endovascular disease (the study of what causes coronary artery disease and heart attacks) and cardiology, reading everything published worldwide.

That topic gets pretty deep, but was a very important piece to Gary. So, if you can just think of a rubber garden hose and water is running through it. Somehow the plaque and the calcification is growing inside, between the linings of that garden hose, it would basically keep on growing and growing until it pushed the inner lining up against the other side, and block the artery or the plaque would rupture like the popping of a pimple into the bloodflow and cause a clotting cascade and lead to a heart attack and maybe death.

Gary couldn’t figure out why it would get inside the arteries. That was his quest. One day, while reading his published research late at night. After many rounds of testing, ingredient variables and long nights in his lab, Gary was able to come up with a formula that he was sure would work to reverse heart disease plaque. Then he had it made and was then the first person to take his patented formula that is NanobacTX®.

To see if his (NanobacTX®) formula worked, he had a new test ultra-fast CT (HeartScan) of the heart called a CAC Score. The CAC Score, that is low-dose in x-rays, takes less than 15 seconds and accurately measures the amount of calcification in the coronary arteries. The CT machine uses software that calculates a score that directly estimates one's risk of having a heart attack over the next 10 years. Gary's score was 732. A score of 732 put him in the highest risk category. It was absolutely confirmed that he had severe coronary artery disease like his Grandfather and his Father and if his Formula worked to decrease his CAC Score, he would be personally and professionally happy about that! He started taking his NanobacTX® every night at bedtime and after a year he repeated the CAC Score. The repeat score was zero "0"! This was proof to him that his NanobacTX® worked at least on him. To further test his Formula he conducted a pilot study on 92 of his own patients that had stable known heart disease with positive CAC Scores (some had scores as low as 5 and some had scores over 2000). They changed nothing and took his NanobacTX formula for 4 months. At the end, CAC Scores were repeated. The average decrease in CAC Scores was 58.5%. Nothing had ever reversed CAC Scores before his NanobacTX.

While doing his every-night journal scan of recently-published medical and scientific papers, Gary stumbled upon an obscure paper that was published by Olavi Kajander, MD, PhD. where he discovered Nanobacteria: a previously unknown human & mammalian disease causing pathogen that has been isolated from aortas and heart valves that causes those human and mammalian structures to calcify. Well, he concluded that since his decreased CAC Scores that his NanobacTX was reversing the problems, possibly eradicating Nanobacteria calcification, that he should call Dr. Kajander in Finland. They talked at length. A week later and Gary was in Finland in week-long meetings with Kajander. They decided to collaborate their findings, work together and so Dr Mezo hired Dr. Kajander and ended up buying Dr. Kajander's Finnish company from the Finnish government to use as a research center.

While reading the findings, Dr. Mezo hypothesized that due to the very small size (100-1000x smaller than normal bacteria at 25-200 nanometers), nanobacteria could slip inside the artery wall, cause calcification deposits and stimulate an immune response.

Everything from that point lined up perfectly for him, including why VLDL & LDL cholesterol is food for the nanobacteria and that they are the cause for oxidized cholesterol found in atherosclerotic plaque. Nanobacteria use cholesterol to develop their lipopolysaccharide (LPS) endotoxin biofilm. Nanobacterial LPS biofilm causes our body to have an immune reaction of inflammation and swelling within the plaque.

So that would be why inflammation was high and why calcification was also at the scene of the blockage, why oxidized cholesterol was there because nanobacteria use it as their foodstuff. But you can’t see it happening inside your arteries.

Up until now, NOTHING except for his NanobacTX® Formula had been known to regress hardened, calcified arterial plaque.

Dr. Mezo’s NanobacTX® Formula was doing, at least, these things:
     1. Dissolving the calcified shell (igloo) surrounding the Nanobacteria (the nanobacteria are in hiding behind the calcified wall) and you can’t eradicate what you can’t get to.
     2. Dissolve and Eradicate the Nanobacteria – that’s no small task. They are VERY tough creatures: resilient and resistant to most everything. Heat doesn’t phase them, nor does radiation.
     3. Do all this without doing any harm to the human body following the medical mantra: "Primum Non Nocere" or "First Thing, Do No Harm". This is very noble given the current procedures and power tools in use today.

But to be very honest, there was a selfish reason that Dr. Mezo invented NanobacTX®, remember his CAC Score was 732 and he reduced it to zero (0) with his NanobacTX®. His NanobacTX® Pilot study was very successful and all 92 patients improved without adverse side-effects. But now, he knew that he was actually eradicating the cause of the calcification and inflammation and plaque in the coronary arteries!

He knew the replication rate of nanobacteria was 35-55% per year. He also knew that CAC Score expert and Master Cardiologist, Professor Matt Budoff, MD, MACC (UCLA) had shown in his research that CAC Scores also increased 35-55% per year and of course that made sense. Because the CAC Score was actually measuring the accumulating Nanobacteria within the calcification!

FOX NEWS did a news special on Dr. Mezo, his company and also highlighted was the prominent Tampa cardiologist who conducted Dr. Mezo's Independent Cardiology Clinical Trial on NanobacTX® and one of his patients, a guy named Jerry. Jerry had a 30% blockage that also went to zero.

Dr. Mezo has never advertised his NanobacTX® in print, on TV, the web or on radio. He has chosen in the past to hand-select cardiologists and other prominent physicians (Worldwide) and educate them on how to use NanobacTX® and why they should use it. Now, Gary has realized that this method of growth is good, but has a limited spectrum. Dr. Mezo and his Company can only talk to so many physicians & clinicians in a day. Since NanobacTX® is not a prescription, you can (and should) buy it now and start it. Since Heart Disease is the #1 killer in the world, virtually everyone age 35 and up has a positive family of history heart disease and testing can show the most all 35 year olds (Male AND Female) have at least the beginnings of heart disease. Virtually every person (35+) then needs to start NanobacTX® to improve their heart health. Simply stated: Heart Disease is not a cholesterol problem! Heart Disease is an inflammation problem caused by Nanobacteria infection in the lining layers of arteries! Nanobacteria exude a lipopolysaccaride (LPS) endotoxin biofilm that revs-up our immune system. Our body tries to wall-off the area of inflammation and in the process, calcified plaques are formed in the walls of arteries. 

Those plaques can rupture, cause a bloodclot and if in the Heart's Coronary Arteries, it's a heart attack. If it's in the left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) also known as the WidowMaker, you're dead in minutes. If it happens in the've had a stroke. GET STARTED WITH NANOBACTX®.

Dr. Gary S. Mezo, the Inventor of NanobacTX®

Dr. Gary S. Mezo is Founder, CEO & Medical Director at NanoBiotech Pharma which helps people with unmet health needs achieve better health through their pioneering R&D.
NanoBiotech Pharma has 20+ years of peer-reviewed published in-house and collaborative bench science, clinical trials, and published independently-conducted clinical studies. Their R&D focus: multiple chronic degenerative health issues, the relationships to pathological calcification, nanobacteria (aka nanobacterium sanguineum), calcifying nanoparticles, CNPs, NPs, NB), their LPS Biofilm, inflammation, infections, and their pioneering development of multiple non-prescription nanobiotics: NanobacTX, Urobac, RegenurEYES and several more.
Gary previously had 28 years of experience in family practice and emergency medicine before retiring from actively seeing patients one-on-one and dedicating himself to NanobacTX!

"The WidowMaker" abridged (~18 minutes)

A MUST WATCH FOR EVERYONE. Your LIFE could depend upon it.

One Bottle

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NanobacTX® should be taken for 12 months of nightly treatment of 8 capsules/night. Thereafter, a maintenance program dosage of 1-2 capsules per night is required for continued benefit. One bottle consists of 240 patented capsules (1 month supply).

Re-Imagine Aging With Full Cardiovascular Health, Feeling Capable & Feeling Great!

There are many ways to attack the issues of cardiovascular health as the aging process progresses: figuring-out the meticulous pathological details that are present in older people and trying to medically/scientifically work it backwards. Our research on NanobacTX® shows that we’re not only able to maintain cardiovascular function but help improve heart health and vascular function from head-to-toe…..keeping optimal bloodflow to virtually everything and making all function more effectively and youthfully. Our Nanobiotics are proprietary non-prescription compounds designed to regenerate human organs and tissues and improve vascular health. 

For example, our flagship Nanobiotic: NanobacTX® is a patented non-prescription nutraceutical compound that is used by cardiologists and other physicians in their practices to assist patients in the maintenance of their cardiovascular health. NanobacTX® does not require a prescription and you can purchase it now through this website.

How NanobacTX® Works...

NanobacTX® works in a way that is similar to (But vastly superior to) EDTA chelation. EDTA is a chemical used in healthcare to pull heavy metals and toxins out of your body; it’s used to clear out your arteries via IV or by a pill. (NanobacTX® is not EDTA, but is made with something similar: edetate disodium dicalcium). The IV costs about $100 to $300 per treatment, and people will often get one treatment per week, 12 to 20 times to clear out their arteries. One issue with it is that the half life of IV EDTA chelation in your blood is 20 minutes. This means that after 20 minutes, the drug has diminished in the body by half its potency. Dr. Gary Mezo, the creator of the formula of NanobacTX, figured out a way to make NanobacTX have an effective time of 12 hours, which means the formula is in your blood, circulating, doing its work, for significantly longer than IV EDTA would be and this makes it work better.

Along with the edetate disodium dicalcium, NanobacTX® uses enzyme systems to penetrate the top layer of calcium and biofilm to stop the growth, and uses other beneficial ingredients to penetrate and clean the body, thereby helping the immune system. It’s an excellent formula.

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" ~ Victor Hugo

Dr. Mezo's research and patented formula is the subject of the 1st and soon to be released 2nd edition of "The Calcium Bomb" 
by Mulhall & Hansen. 

The explosive story of how heart disease is being reversed. 

The revised and updated edition is anticipated to be available on Amazon in the first quarter of 2021.

The Choice is Yours!
You Can Now Regress Hard Calcified Plaque Without Prescription Drugs.

With heart disease being the number one killer, you should be proactive and make sure the 60,000 miles of arteries and veins are clear of any plaque build up. TEST NOT GUESS!
FOR THE LARGEST PART, WHAT WE SEE AS "AGING" IS THE RESULT OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS and plaque. The health and function of Every Cell and Organ in your body is adversely affected by the slowly progressing and life-long development of plaque in our arteries known as atherosclerosis. Beginning at birth, it worsens throughout your lifetime, IN EVERY ONE OF YOU. It can be reversed. 

If you want to anatomically & physiologically slow/reverse at least SOME of your aging processes and improve your overall health to a more youthful level, then take NanobacTX. You're not getting younger on your own, you will need help.

Heart Disease...The Silent Killer...

Bob Harper, the 51-year-old, super-fit host of weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser, had a heart attack while working out in New York City. A doctor who was also working out at the time kept Harper alive with CPR and defibrillation paddles; Harper was unconscious for two days. Harper blamed genetics for the heart attack—his mom died of one at the age of 70. Is that really what's going on here?
One day after Susan Lucci revealed she underwent emergency heart surgery, the soap star stepped out at the American Heart Association’s 15th annual Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection runway event. Moments before she took a tumble on the runway, Lucci spoke to Variety about why she decided to come forward and open up about her health scare. “It made me take my symptoms seriously. I was very lucky. I wound up going to the emergency room and having a 90% blockage in my main artery, 75% blockage in another,” Lucci said.
Sam Standerwick, 25, was a fit guy who exercised almost every day and followed an extremely healthy diet. But, after a night out with his friends in Liverpool, United Kingdom, he was found dead in a hotel room. The culprit: a 70 percent blockage in his coronary artery, according to the coroner’s report.
TV host and comedian David Letterman hadn’t missed a day of work since he began hosting the Late Show with David Letterman in 1982. But on January 14, 2000, that changed when he was told he needed to undergo an emergency quintuple bypass surgery due to severe blockages in his arteries. Remembering his father died at age 57 from a heart attack, he decided to have the surgery that same day.
“Champion Ironman and Father of Four, Dean Mercer, 47, dies after suffering a heart attack.”

He had no history of any heart problems whatsoever. He was as fit and healthy as possible, running Ironman triathlons.
A 25-year-old professional soccer player, Piermario Morosini, died of a heart attack in the middle of a soccer game. 

It left the soccer world with as many disturbing questions as unsettling answers. The biggest one being, could more have been done?


NanobacTX® unique patented formula has an anti-aging effect that dissolves calcified plaque, destroys nano-bacteria, protects the health of blood vessels from the root, and rejuvenates yourselves.

Physician Testimonials

“NanobacTX® is AMAZING. I take NanobacTX® personally and use it daily in my InterPreventional Cardiology practice. Supplements are often discouraged by “conventional” cardiologists. There are large amounts of scientific data about the vascular health benefits of specific supplements for heart patients. These include agents that may halt and reverse atherosclerosis such as NanobacTX®.”

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, FSCAI
InterPreventional Cardiology & Anti-Aging
The Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity – Bingham Farms, MI
“During my years at The Atkins Center with Cardiologist, Robert Atkins, MD, FACC (Yes, the Atkins Diet inventor), we worked closely together using NanobacTX®. NanobacTX® worked great for many thousands of cardiology patients in our practice then and NanobacTX® continues to work great today in my holistic cardiology practice. NanobacTX® is convenient and highly beneficial! Read this carefully: I have been using NanobacTX® in my practice since 2000 and the results are beyond reproach! Get started!”

Patrick Fratellone, MD
Integrative Holistic Cardiology
Fratellone Medical Associates – Manhattan, NY
“I have been personally taking NanobacTX® for years and have noticed significant and impressive personal improvements! I have been recommending and using NanobacTX® in my anti-aging & regenerative medical practice for many years.”

Terry Grossman, MD
Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine
Grossman Wellness Center – Golden, CO
NanobacTX® for Your Cardiovascular Health Breakthrough
Reduce the age of arteries for major health benefits.
  • Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • ​Make thinking and reaction more agile.
  • ​ Help increase physical & sexual vitality.
  • ​Improve blood pressure.
  • ​Increase memory and concentration.
  • ​Improve cholesterol levels.
  • ​Increase bloodflow to tissues "head-to-toe".
NanobacTX's Patented Formula, Shown Effective For Over 20 Years!


This is a powerful detoxifying sequestrant compound used to help lower calcium & heavy metal levels from the blood while supporting healthy heart rhythm and function.


Research suggests that Hawthorne can help improve blood flow volume, widen and relax blood vessels, & lower accumulation of fats in the liver and arteries.


Clinical studies indicate that the amino acids chosen may help improve circulation & blood flow in the arteries by promoting healthy blood vessel flexibility and dilation.


Specific enzymes were selected for optimizing blood flow to all the tissues throughout the body.


CoQ10 is present in every human cell to produce the energy needed for cell growth and maintenance… It is vital for oxygen utilization & energy production in the heart muscle cells.


This select group of antioxidants were chosen to specifically support vascular and tissue health.

One Bottle

=== $199 ===


Three Bottles

=== $537 ===


NanobacTX® should be taken for 12 months of nightly treatment of 8 capsules/night. Thereafter, a maintenance program dosage of 1-2 capsules per night is required for continued benefit. One bottle consists of 240 patented capsules (1 month supply).
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"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" ~ Victor Hugo
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